Diamond and cubic boron nitride pastes and emulsions

Application of diamond and CBN pastes and emulsions

CBN polishing pastes are used for processing of ferrous metals, all other materials, including the above mentioned, are processed with diamond polishing pastes: 
metals, steels and semiconductors, alloyed steels, cast irons, ceramics, metal ceramics, carbide, sapphire, glass, semiconductors, and drawing dies.

How diamond or CBN pastes work

When applied, pastes form fine-dispersion emulsions, which distribute diamond or CBN particles over the workpiece surface.  Active surface agents, containing in pastes, also wash off chips and slag from lapping surface.  

In some cases (for vertical surfaces, knife stropping) use of emulsions is more convenient, so you can dilute paste (see below for information) or buy ready-made diamond emulsion spray.  

Ingredients of polishing pastes

Depending on ingredients, diamond or CBN polishing pastes are classified as follows:
- oil based polishing pastes, which can be washed off by organic solvents such as kerosene, petrol, alcohol, etc. and diluted with spindle oil;  they are used for polishing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, non-metal materials, steels and semiconducting materials.
- water based polishing pastes, which can be dissolved and washed off by water and used for   polishing of glass, semiconducting materials, carbide tools, dyes, sapphire.  
- polishing pastes, which can be washed off by water and by organic solvents, such as alcohol, industrial oils, petrol, kerosene. 
Concentration of polishing pastes

Concentration is amount of abrasive powder, which contains polishing paste. Description standard concentrations is shown below:  
normal (N), high (H) and extra-high concentration (E).