How to use sharpening stone


Stones with grits finer 3 microns either require preparation on cast iron plates, or they will be self-polished after sharpening of 30-50 knives.
Then they will be of gold color and work well.
This is common issue for all manufacturers, unless stones are prepared before shipment
For preparation you need cast iron plate (obviously) and set of  6 abrasive powders (60/40 - 5/3 micron). If you had no previous experience with preparation, better leave this job to professionals. We prepare stones for 10 USD / stone

Use and cleaning

Use any comfortable oil (baby, olive..) to prevent glazing. And your sharpening stone would not glaze.
But if it glazed - clean with alcohol and toothbrush.

Maintenance is only needed every year or two.

In 1-2 years you may need to flatten stone, 20 mins with Ferric chloride (FeCl): - 10 mins setting in 25% mixture (25 gr FeCl per 75 gr of water),
- 10 mins polish movements (carefully draw "8") on glass plate.  

That's all, you do not need special chemicals, tools, or equipment.