How to make boron nitride coating

Wurtzite boron nitride is an unique, advanced high-temperature resistant material with numerous applications:
- Protection for casting tools, thermocouples, ceramic structures and probes
- High-temperature lubricant: foundry molds, gasket wire drawing, etc
- Electrical insulation
- High temperature additive
- Release agent (metallurgy, plastic injection molds, including 3D printing and more)
- Protective layer for sintering 
- Synthesis of cubic boron nitride and other applications. 

How to make boron nitride anti stick coating

As a rule, boron nitride coating solution is a water based suspension, applied like ordinary house paints by brushing or using a spray gun. 

To make this suspension, dilute ready made Wurtzenite™ boron nitride paste with water in proportion of 1:1 by weight, or more water, depending on application.  This mixture contains glycating agents, which facilitate adhesion of wurtzite boron nitride powder to coating surface, so let surface dry before heating. 

Or you can mix wurtzite boron nitride powder and water to make thickness convenient for coating, usually proportion is 1 part of powder to 1-5 parts of water by weight. Apparently this is not a long term solution, because it does not stick well to coating surface and is applicable for coating in a process: of melting molds, etc. 

 We do not manufacture wurtzite boron suspensions, because water is too expensive to ship overseas.