Warranty terms, returning and refunding your order of diamond and cbn wheels, stones and pastes

Buying super abrasive tools is not a routine task and requires professional competence. 

Warranty and Complains 

Warranty period - 1 year after date of receiving the goods (according to tracking information)

We accept warranty and quality complains in the following circumstances:

  • - The tool's parameters do not correspond to specification (dimensions, grain size, concentration, bond, etc. indicated in invoice and/or accompanying passport);
  • - The tool was damaged during  delivery, please ensure to send us photos of damaged item upon arrival;
  • - Height of abrasive (e.g. diamond, CBN) is at least 2/3 of original;
  • - The tool was used according to  operation recommendations and requirements indicated in accompanying passport. 


Please make sure you understand all technical information related to your order or contact us for comprehensive consultation.

Buyer may return his item within 1 month after purchase:

  • - In original packaging;
  • - With accompanying passport;
  • - In unused condition.

Buyer pays return shipping, and receives refund after we receive and inspect the returned item.


Your order is covered with PayPal Purchase Protection.

However we strive to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and resolve your issue in fast and honest manner, without attracting 3d parties. 

For extra safety You also may buy our tools on auction, clicking on link at the bottom of product description. 

Beware of fakes and low quality instruments

Poltava has long lasting traditions in industry of superabrasive (diamond and CBN) instruments. 3 factories, operating in Poltava are undoubtful leaders, which products conform to the strictest standards in quality and safety. Here are their logos to check if you buy authentic Ukrainian product. 

- Poltava diamond tools            Полтавский алмазный инструмент
- Poltava plant of diamond tools Главная

- Distar                                          Distar

Some products we sell may be without logos, these are  private labels, made by one of these manufacturers, exclusively for us and marketed by us: Aldim, Abrasivetools.

Instrument must be accompanied with passport, which indicates technical parameters (in Ukrainian): type, dimensions, standard, bond, grain type and size, quality control and, which is important, number. Numbers on instrument and in passport must match. Passport is legal document ! Please review photos below and pay attention on sign № (on wheel and on stone), which is followed by digits. This is number of instrument.