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Merqum LLC, tax. code 34874284, Poltava, founded in 2008. Director - Mykhailo Spivak, MBA-03. 


We have been working in industry of superabrasives (diamond, cubic and wurtzite boron nitrides) for more than 20 years, including for such leading companies as Element Six and Poltava Diamond Plant.

Nowadays the business is involved in manufacturing of diamond and CBN tools and pastes, as well as resale of diamond tools by other manufacturers, including Poltava Diamond tools,  Agathon and Jota (Switzerland).


Our business operates in Poltava, city which may be called "European capital of diamond industry", because it hosts numerous manufacturers of diamond tools, from such big and well established as Poltava Diamond Tools, Distar, to middle (like ours) and small sized.

Due to cooperation with major Poltava manufacturers, we offer full range of superabrasive tools, according to FEPA standards: 1А1, 14А1, 14V1, 9A3, 6A2, 12A2-45, 11V9-70, 12V5-45, 12A2-20, 14M1, 12R4, 12V5-20, 12D9, 1FF1, 14EE1, 6A2T, 1V1, 12V9, 4A2, 4BT9, 6A9, A8, 4B2, 3A1, 12M2-45, 1G1, 12B2, 1P1, 14FF1.

Popular products (e.g. resin bond straight or cup diamond grinding wheels) are available on stock, any other products are manufactured on order.

We specialize on standard ("as it should be"), premium (higher productivity and more attractive packaging) and expert (innovative bonds for demanding applications) lines of superabrasive tools; comparison of our prices with those by oriental or russian manufacturers does not make any sense.

Important: synthesis of diamond powders in Poltava is stopped indefinitely, and stocks of those, famous for their friability, powders are gone years ago. So, in many cases you may find tools for metal working, differing in price, but having the same poor performance. The main reason is that most diamond synthesis processes produce diamonds, inapplicable for grinding and polishing of metals and carbide.

We cooperate with Institute of Superhard Materials, Kiev to ensure supply of powders with the best performance.


  1. Production of diamond and cubic boron nitride wheels, stones, pastes. Superabrasive tools are manufactured according to customer's requirements: forms, dimensions, bonds, grain sizes. New form of wheel may be manufactured for order amount sufficient to cover also expenses to make new press form.
   Manufacturing time of resin bond tools - 4 weeks, metal bond tools - 6 weeks.

2.  Aftersales support and quality warranty (please review Warranty, Returns and Refunds policy).
    Experienced personnel provides qualified instructions on selection and use of your tools.


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 With best regards, Mykhailo Spivak