50, 150, 500, 1000 gr.


Net weight: 50, 150, 500, 1000 gr.
Content: wurtzite boron nitride powder (10/7 micron), 40% in water/alcohol soluble composition.

Properties: high temperature resistance and conductivity, dielectric strength (eliminates the risk of shorting out) 
Thermal conductivity  2.7 watt/centimeter/°C
(Thermal conductivity of  wurtzite boron nitride powder- 7.4 watt/centimeter/°C compared to silver with 4.29 watt/centimeter/°C)

Grain size:  10/7 micron  (see particle  size distribution diagram of wurtzite boron nitride powder)
- mold release;
- detaching (dismantling) and protective for high temperatures (up to 2000 °C);
- anti-stick coating;
- thermal conductor, including for more effective heat distribution in 3-d printers' hot blocks, reducing clogs and making removing nozzles easier;
- facilitates cutting of hard materials, extends the service life of cutting tools, provides a lower operating temperature.

How it works: composition  evaporates under high temperature, leaving boron nitride on the surface, which, to some extent, is also stress resistant. On the first heating of wet surface, there is a mild burning plastic smell, which is the glycating agent evaporating, so for first indoor use ventilation is needed  or let paste dry. 
If smell is an issue, buy wurtzite boron nitride powder and make water mixture (1:1 by weight).

Directions of use: 
- General:  apply uniform layer to the surface and let it dry; 
- 3-d printer cartridges (thermistor & heater) and heat breaks: coat the surface, install while the paste is still wet and let it dry before heating up;
- Nozzles: apply small amount to threads of the nozzle (do not apply the paste  to the threads of the heater block), install the nozzle while the paste is still wet and let it dry before heating. 

Read more how to use Wurtzenite™ Boron Nitride paste

- Thermal expansion of wurtzite boron nitride (according to Ioffe Institute) is approx. 1.5 lower than that of hexagonal boron nitride and other heat resistant materials. Which means higher stability of coating layer under high temperatures (<2000 °C = 3632 °F);
-  Thermal conductivities of wurtzite crystal, parallel and perpendicular to the axis, are identical. Which means higher stability of thermal properties in comparison to other heat resistant materials, including such forms of boron nitride as hexagonal and cubic. 

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